Innes, Duncan wrote:

Did the backup/restore scripts reach more than experimental status?
Looks like they were released in FreeIPA 3.2.

The problem is few people have experimented with it. We need feedback to know whether it works or not. It worked for me in my contrived environment over a couple of days but that isn't exactly definitive.

Playing with this should be relatively easy and pain free. A backup doesn't do anything operationally except bring down the servers (for sanity sake). You can do live backups but those aren't recommended, and only backs up the data (not all the other configuration, etc).

Then you can try doing a full restore in an isolated VM as a test, and see how things look.

It's a problem for me that this kind of functionallity hasn't yet moved
into RHEL.

Backup/restore from some corporate use perspectives, cannot rely on
system snapshotting.  Whilst a snapshot may make an easier recovery
procedure for an admin, it is a take-it-or-leave-it approach.  I cannot,
for example, restore missing data that was deleted by mistake without
loosing other edits that have happened in the interim.

And that is still not dealt with in the current backup/restore. To do that requires some sort of LDIF browser where entries can be selected and restored/entries replaced. No such system already exists and represents a large chunk of work. It is a recognized shortcoming of the current support.

A VM snapshot is certainly a valid last-stop method of backing up IPA,
but it doesn't cover some of the use cases that most companies find
themselves having to deal with.





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I am being tasked with setting up freeipa for an organisation. A
replica will be created but they also require a backup / restore

Has anyone implemented backup restore? Ideas?
Recommendations? Dragons?



Good topic! I would be really interested in experience from
FreeIPA users. I can only provide information from FreeIPA
development team member point of view.

Our thoughts on topic of Backup and restore:

Original design of backup and restore scripts:

As you can read in the first document, we are not yet
convinced that backup&restore scripts is the right thing to
do + we also do not have enough information from the field.
If these scripts is what admin wants, if yes - do they work for them?

If you check open Backup and Restore tickest, there are
really not many of them:


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