On 28.3.2014 09:56, Sandor Juhasz wrote:

i am ok to compile it myself, looking for source code. I hope that way i will 
be able to avoid messing
around with the ldap tree. Any help/documentation is appreciated.

Basically, documentation on
http://www.freeipa.org/page/Contribute/Code and linked pages apply to your situation.

You will face dependency problems because you are going to build it on Ubuntu. Don't give up and persist :-)

I would recommend you a non-standard procedure:
- clone the git repo: $ git clone git://git.fedorahosted.org/git/freeipa.git
- enter the cloned tree: $ cd freeipa.git
- $ make version-update
-- This command will fail (for sure) because of dependency problems. However, it could be enough to proceed with ipasam build. You just need to generate version.h and similar "useless" files.

- Enter "daemons" sub-directory in the cloned tree: $ cd daemons
- $ autoreconf -fiv
- $ ./configure
- $ make

This should build freeipa.git/daemons/ipa-sam/.libs/ipasam.so library without building rest of FreeIPA so dependency problems should be limited only to this sub-tree.

Note that this procedure is completely untested.

Please let us know if it worked for you or not. I'm curious! :-)

Petr^2 Spacek



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On 27.3.2014 14:36, Sandor Juhasz wrote:

what is the best practice to authenticate samba file sharing with freeipa as 
auth service.
Either version 3 or 4 of samba is fine, as we are looking for this only for 
filesharing and not
domain service.
Our ipa service is hosted on CentOS 6.5.
The samba service is preferred to be hosted on Ubuntu Precise (12.04), later 
the new LTS.

Found 3 methods, but all seem to have their issues.

1. LDAP, ldapsam passdb backend. -> needs ldap schema modification to include 
fields (sambaSAMAccount, sambaGroupMapping, samabaSID) and have IPA populate those 
with dna plugin
2. IPA, ipasam passdb backend -> did not find a working version from ipasam.so 
for ubuntu, mostly i did not find any
The only how-to I'm aware of is:

If you insist on Ubuntu you need to get ipasam somewhere, most likely to
compile it yourself.

Let us know if you are going to compile it, we can provide you some guidance.

See the thread 'IPA - Samba / Redmine / Disable Kerberos?'.

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