My environment has Redhat5, 6, Centos 6.x and Ubuntu 12.04. Following Redhat 
identity management manual, I am able to configure user authentication, 
kerberos NFS, SSSD and autofs on most of my systems. 

The only trouble is integrating ubuntu 12.04 with autofs. 

1. automount in /etc/nsswitch.conf doesn't recognize sss as the name service, 
you need to put ldap instead. 
2. automount on ubuntu 12.04 doesn't recognize the auto.master map from IPA 

On our IPA server:
ipaserver# ipa automountlocation-tofiles default
/-      /etc/auto.direct
/home   /etc/auto.home
*       -fstype=nfs4,rw,sec=krb5,soft,rsize=8192,wsize=8192 

>From ubuntu 12.04 IPA client:
#automount -f -d     <=shows it can't find the auto.master map, in 
/etc/default/autofs, I tried both ways to specify the auto.master map.
#cat /etc/default/autofs  | grep MASTER

>From the error messages, it seems automount on ubuntu doesn't lookup LDAP for 
>auto.master information.

Apr  4 17:25:26 ecs-94a55510 automount[1032]: lookup(file): file map 
missing or not readable

Although I am using pam to automount user home directory, i am curious  whether 
anyone else experienced the same problem, or maybe I missed something.



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