I'm sure that I'm doing this very wrong, but I'm wondering if anyone
can offer any solutions.

I currently have a relatively small domain that's used internally.
Let's say fandingo.org. This domain covers various class C networks on Currently, there's an Active Directory server that
provides internal (and forwarding) DNS for fandingo.org. I'm in the
experimentation phase with FreeIPA in this environment and don't want
to modify anything outside of FreeIPA for the time being.

FreeIPA is setup with DNS and has the fandingo.org domain controllers
setup as forwarders. I have my laptop joined to the FreeIPA domain,
but that's where the problem starts. I can correctly resolve any
*.fandingo.org resource in FreeIPA. The problem is that I want to
resolve *.fandingo.org resources that are defined in the Active
Directory DNS.

Does anyone know how I can configure FreeIPA/BIND to forward all
requests (even those for its own domain) that it can't satisfy rather
than returning NXDOMAIN?


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