Hello all

When I try to execute and commands from the an ipa-replica I get 

[rkelly@replicahostname ~]$ ipa user-find
ipa: ERROR: did not receive Kerberos credentials
[rkelly@replicahostname ~]$ kinit
Password for rke...@ipa2.dc.sita.aero:
[rkelly@replicahostname ~]$ ipa user-find
ipa: ERROR: did not receive Kerberos credentials
[rkelly@replicahostname ~]$ klist
klist: Credentials cache permissions incorrect while setting cache flags 
(ticket cache FILE:/tmp/krb5cc_1599100000_qojy7v)

I thought perhaps the two are out of sync
[root@replicahostname ~]# ipa-replica-manage re-initialize --from 
Invalid password

ipa-replica-conncheck says communication is ok.

I looked at the httpd, secure,and krb log and none show any activity when 
I execute the commands above. Im lost any clues as to where I can look for 

Thank You,
Rashard Kelly

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