On (11/04/14 11:22), rashard.ke...@sita.aero wrote:
>I changed the permissions to world readable to test, afterward I changed 
>it back to be readable only by the owner. The problem then reappeared.
>[rkelly@replicahostname ~]$ ls -lZa| grep krb
>-r--------  root    root    ?                                krb5cc_0
>-r--------  xs05144 xs05144 ? krb5cc_1599000020_u5RRhd
>-r--------  rkelly  rkelly  ? krb5cc_1599100000_CUkupo
>-r--------  rkelly  rkelly  ? krb5cc_1599100000_ZekyY0
>-r--------  apache  apache  ?                                krb5cc_48
>[rkelly@replicahostname ~]$ od /tmp/krb5cc_1599100000_CUkupo
>od: /tmp/krb5cc_1599100000_CUkupo: Permission denied
>Thank You,
>Rashard Kelly
>SITA  Senior Linux Specialist
I am not sure it will help with disabled selinux, but you can try to
restore selinux context

restorecon -R /tmp/

Can you remove 2nd ccache file /tmp/krb5cc_1599100000_ZekyY0 as user rkelly?


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