Fredy Sanchez wrote:
Hi Simo,

Thanks for your reply. Good old Google pointed me to
dap_bind_script/, which gave me the idea of
updating the RealName mapping to displayName. This solved the problem,
I'll have to recreate the permissions for every share, but the user
names now show up, and stick. No more UIDs.

Great. Any chance you can write something and post a howto on our wiki? Or send the details to me and I'll write something up?



On Tue, Apr 15, 2014 at 9:30 AM, Simo Sorce <
<>> wrote:

    On Fri, 2014-04-11 at 10:37 -0400, Fredy Sanchez wrote:
     > Hi all,
     > We asked this same question at
    <>, but figured we'd have
     > better luck here. I apologize in advance if this is the wrong forum.
     > We are switching from Synology (DSM 5) to Mavericks server
    (v3.1.1. running
     > in Mavericks 10.9.2) for File Sharing. We use a FreeIPA
     >         3.0.0-37.el6) backend for SSO, and the Mac server seems
     > bound to it. Unfortunately, although we can add usernames to the
    shares for
     > the initial config, the usernames transform to UIDs after (only
    for SSO
     > accounts; local accounts are not affected). That is, when we go
    to edit the
     > permissions for a share, all we see are UIDs. We can always
    figure out the
     > username from the UID, but this is an extra step we don't want to
     > We've tried reinstalling the Mac server app from scratch,
    re-binding to the
     > FreeIPA backend, changing mappings in Directory Utility (for example,
     > mapping GeneratedUID to uid, which is the username), recreating
    the shares
     > and permissions, etc. Here are more details about the binding:
     > * The binding happens thru a custom package we created based
    primarily on
     > * Sys Prefs, Users & Groups, Login Options show the server bound
    to the
     > FreeIPA backend with the green dot
     > * The following mappings are in place in Directory Utility, Services,
     > LDAPv3, FreeIPA backend
     > Users: inetOrgPerson
     >      AuthenticationAuthority: uid
     >      GeneratedUID: random number in uppercase
     >      HomeDirectory: #/Users/$uid$
     >      NFSHomeDirectory: #/Users/$uid$
     >      OriginalHomeDirectory: #/Users/$uid$
     >      PrimaryGroupID: gidNumber
     >      RealName: cn
     >      RecordName: uid
     >      UniqueID: uidNumber
     >      UserShell: loginShell
     > Groups: posixgroup
     >      PrimaryGroupID: gidNumber
     >      RecordName: cn
     > The search bases are correct
     > * Directory Utility, Directory Editor shows the right info for
    the users.
     > * $ id $USERNAME shows the right information for the user
     > FreeIPA is working beautifully for our Mac / Linux environment.
    We provide
     > directory services to about 300 hosts, and 200 employees using
    it; and
     > haven't had any problems LDAP wise until now. So we think we are
    missing a
     > mapping here. Any ideas?

    I quickly tried to check for some documentation on how to configure this
    stuff, but found only useless superficial guides on how to find the
    pointy/clicky buttons to push to enable the service.

    I am not a Mac expert by a long shot so I cannot help you much here.

    Is there any guide available on how to use this service with other LDAP
    servers, like openLDAP or Active Directory ? We can probably draw some
    conclusions from there.


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