I've run out of time for today, but the external collaboration pages are slowly 


Dimitri observed that my RFE page was too long. I observe it also has too much 
stuff unrelated to the actual meat of the RFE. So I factored out most of the 
Kerberos stuff into a different page. I also tried to focus the RFE to just 
creating entries in LDAP for external users so they can: a] participate in 
POSIX groups; and b] have locally-defined POSIX attributes.


This is where all the Kerberos stuff went. I also added  in "Option A" from 
Petr's email. Option B will come along later, when I pick this up again. 
Mechanism three has more to do with Ipsilon than IPA, and basic functions 
required of the Ipsilon gateway server are articulated there (regardless of the 
particular authentication method.)

Send comments to the list. I really appreciate Option A! Send more stuff I 
didn't think of.


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