I am sorry, but I have forgotten where to start to diagnose this
problem. Please remind me.

[dean@host ~]$ ssh desktop.hunter.org
Last login: Sun Apr 20 21:12:38 2014 from host.hunter.org
Could not chdir to home directory /home/net/dean: Permission denied
-bash: /home/net/dean/.bash_profile: Permission denied
-bash-4.2$ pwd
-bash-4.2$ ls -l /home
total 4
drwx------. 4 local local 4096 Apr 20 21:04 local
drwxr-xr-x. 3 root  root     0 Apr 21 13:48 net
-bash-4.2$ ls -l /home/net
total 8
drwx--x---. 29 dean dean 4096 Apr 20 21:28 dean
-bash-4.2$ ls -l /home/net/dean
ls: cannot access /home/net/dean: Permission denied
-bash-4.2$ whoami
-bash-4.2$ exit
-bash: /home/net/dean/.bash_logout: Permission denied
Connection to desktop.hunter.org closed.
[dean@host ~]$ 

desktop.hunter.org is a VM that I have rebuilt several times trying to
work around this problem. ipa-client-install and  ipa-client-automount
completed without error messages.  /home/net/dean is accessible when I
log-in through gdm and Virtual Machine Manager.

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