On 04/25/2014 09:50 AM, Andrew Holway wrote:
> Hello,
> I am having a think about running freeipa on the open seas for more
> distributed organisations and would like to understand where the
> weaknesses might be. I would almost certainly only make the ui
> unavailable however I am unsure about the other services.
> Would this be a workable?
> Thanks,
> Andrew

That's actually a very good question. I am currently working on a public
FreeIPA demo on Red Hat OpenStack platform which I will make available in
upcoming weeks and have few pointers for you:

1) If you have DNS configured, make sure that your FreeIPA DNS does not pose as
open DNS resolver to avoid DNS amplification attacks.

Following extension to named.conf options should be a good start:

        allow-transfer {"none";};
        allow-recursion {"none";};
        recursion no;
        version "[Secured]";
        rate-limit {
            responses-per-second 15;

2) Prevention for NTP amplification attack

More info here:

Does anybody know about other precautions that should be made besides standard
hardening (SELinux, firewall, log audits)?


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