Hi all,
I'm very new to FreeIPA, so I hope this isn't answered in documentation somewhere already.

I'm working to get my infrastructure DIACAP approved, and part of this process includes unique user accounts with smart card integration. I was hoping that since FreeIPA utilizes Dogtag, I'd be able to use it for essentially everything, from LDAP, to certificate store, to smart card management. Unfortunately, the only references I was able to find were a handful of emails from a few years ago.

I was wondering what the status of smart card integration was, and if it was completed yet. If so, where can I find the documentation to configure it. And if it's not currently in the works, does anyone know a viable solution. I'm currently running everything on RHEL 6.5, but would really rather stay away from their directory and certificate servers. Right now, I can't justify the price they're quoting me.

Thanks in Advance,

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