On (06/05/14 20:45), Todd Maugh wrote:
>Hello Guys,
> Im having a problem with a one off my clients, t seems the sssd cache keeps 
> having a problem and is blocking users from authenticating, I am able to 
> solve it by stopping sssd clearing out the cache in /var/lib/sss/db with a rm 
> -rf * and then restarting the sssd.
Wnich version of sssd?

>I'm not sure what logs to look at I checked out the var/log/sssd and they are 
>all 0  file size and gave me nothing to look at.
debugging is turned off by default in sssd.
To enable debugging, you should add "debug_level = 7" into appropriate section.
In this case, I would say pam and domain.

There is also possibility to enable debugging on the fly with command line
utility sss_debuglevel. sss_debuglevel is part of package sssd-tools, which
isn't installed by default with sssd

sh# sss_debuglevel 7

>Has any one seen this before, does any one have any clues on trouble shooting.
It is hard to say where problem can be. We will need to see log files.


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