When thinking about gateways and what Ipsilon may do, I came across this thesis:


and source


His approach to unifying web and non-web technologies was to build gateways for 
non-web services such that browser based clients could be written without 
changing the server side.

I'm not sold on that approach. However, the source repository includes a 
browser-based javascript implementation of the Kerberos protocol and a python 
gateway to a KDC. Users can kinit from the browser the way Kerberos intended 
(password does not go over the wire).

Is it possible to do a pure-javascript, all browser based kinit/spnego so that 
users don't have to pop out to the command line to kinit? One still would not 
have the ability to ssh into a console after doing an in-browser kinit, but all 
the websites in the target domain should recognize the credentials.

Worthwhile or dumb?


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