On Fri, 2014-06-20 at 19:51 +0200, Rob Verduijn wrote:
> Considering the root immplications.
> Handing out root to all nfs clients is indeed something that is undesirable.
> However personally I believe manually creating homedirs to be a
> procedure from the previous millenium.
> Can I get freeipa to do this automatically the right way ? (respecting 
> security)

Not yet, because it is complicated, the problem is that the FreeIPA
server doesn't necessarily know "where" the home directories are.
We assume the user want's to provide them from a dedicated NAS or other
NFS Server.

We are tracking the desire to perform operations (like home directory
creation) when a user is created here:

In the meanwhile I can suggest using some script in a cronjob on the NFS
Server that fetches the users list from ldap and proceed to create a
home directory from the homeDirectory attribute, if it is missing.


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