I am having issues with deleting an ipa user. When I do an 'ipa
user-del foo' there still remains reminisces of the user that are
causing issues.
I have a freeIPA server setup with 3 replica servers set up.
When I did an ipa user-del foo it did not fully delete the user.
if I do an ipa user-add foo after the delete I get an "ipa ERROR: user
with the name "foo" already exists"
If I do a ipa user-show foo I get "ipa ERROR: foo: user not found"
if I do an ipa user-find foo it returns an entry.
1 user matched
  User login: foo
  First name: foo
  Last name: bar
  Home directory: /home/foo
  login shell: /bin/bash
  Email address: f...@bar.com
  UID: 5021
  GID: 5021
  Account disabled: False
  Password: True
  Kerberos keys available: True
Number of entries returned 1

If I do an ldapsearch for the user it still has a user entry.
When trying to do an ldapdelete I get the error "Server is unwilling
to perform (53)"

Does anyone know why this happened or how to clean up the server so I
can get it into a state when I can successful do an ipa-user-add foo?

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