On 6/25/2014 1:26 PM, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
On Wed, 25 Jun 2014, Dave Gonzalez wrote:
Alexander, thank you very much for your config sample, I took some time and compared to mine and they're pretty much the same, I want to move mailboxes to Maildir style because the system I'm planning to migrate to this IPA deployment does use Maildir style mailboxes.
I would still suggest you to check if plain IPA setup is working, i.e.
if you can successfuly use GSSAPI against Dovecot from a Linux client
with Thunderbird or mutt.

I got Thunderbird successfully connecting and getting mail, I did have to authenticate *but* using the MIT Kerberos client software I've talked to you about.

Once that is working, you can be sure that your server side is in order
and start looking at how to integrate Windows machines.

I added mine but nothing happened, I tried looking at the IPA logs to see if my Windows 8 cent is even trying to authenticate to the KDC after checking /var/log/krb5kdc.log I don't see any attempt from the machine

Read also

I tried this but it was not successful at all, I didn't see any prompt or user/password combo box to login, information is there but it'\s not as complete as one would expect, knowing that a WIKI is community effort I can't ask for much, but it was a good guide though.

I'll keep on reading and trying until I get it ready, because this need to go production in some months.

Thanks for all of your replies and helpful info.

--Regards DavidG

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