On Mon, Jul 07, 2014 at 11:36:26AM -0400, John Moyer wrote:
> Hello All,
>     Some of the services in IPA stopped responding and I restarted the
> service (as I couldn't login to the website or via ssh to any registered
> hosts).   After the restart I could login to the web app, but still no
> clients.   I currently can login to one client that I restarted sssd on.
>   Any suggestions how to fix the rest without having to go to all of
> them to restart sssd?  

Can you log in as root to the clients and check out /var/log/secure
and/or the sssd logs?

Do your clients cache credentials?

I suspect that when IPA went down, the clients went offline and still
haven't re-checked the online status..how long since the IPA server went

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