hi simon,

ok, that's pity. the problem we are trying to solve is teh following: we are going to setup a new krb5 realm with IPA and we would like to explore methods to have our users authenticate against this realm (well, the kinit otherusername@IPA part) using methods that existing/available for our users. i.e. we would really really like to avoid that our users have to create yet another password.

the users currently are in AD, so we tought we could use the AD tokens to authenticate, avoiding passwords.

maybe i should rephrase my original question a bit:
what authentication schemes does kinit support (is there anything besides using a password), and if passwords are unavoidable, is it possible to use something like OTP with kinit and IPA (the user somehow gets the OTP, and can use that for kinit with an IPA controlled realm)? (maybe it is possible that the password verification step from IPA is handed over to AD somehow?).

anyway, hints are welcome


On 07/09/2014 11:23 PM, Simo Sorce wrote:
On Wed, 2014-07-09 at 18:38 +0200, Stijn De Weirdt wrote:
hi all,

we are investigating the possibility to use an existing and valid AD
token to obtain a token from a realm under FreeIPA (3.3.3 from el7),
without having to setup the full IPA AD cross realm trust. (in
particular, to avoid that AD has to trust the IPA setup; and with the
goal that we can minimise any required actions on the AD setup).

what we would like to achieve is the following:
kinit user@AD
--- authenticate via AD password

kinit otherusername@IPA
-- no password required, authentication based on valid AD token

so one can then eg "ssh otherusern...@machine.under.ipa.control"

the user@AD to otherusername@IPA mapping is provided somewhere on the
IPA server and is static.

as far as i understood, this is (very?) different from actual trust
relation where having the user@AD token is sufficient to do "ssh

any hints are welcome!

It's not possible*, sorry.


* At the very theoretical level it would, but it would require extensive
changes to the kerberos libraries on each client as well as changes to
the KDC. Operationally unfeasible even if you had those code changes.

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