hi simon,

ok, that's pity. the problem we are trying to solve is teh following: we
are going to setup a new krb5 realm with IPA and we would like to
explore methods to have our users authenticate against this realm (well,
the kinit otherusername@IPA part) using methods that existing/available
for our users. i.e. we would really really like to avoid that our users
have to create yet another password.

the users currently are in AD, so we tought we could use the AD tokens
to authenticate, avoiding passwords.

You can do this by establishing a trust between AD and IPA.
but a trust goes way further then what we need from it (and then there are issues with the AD admins trusting us. any impact on AD is not really acceptable). i'd like to avoid it if possible (but i feel i'll have to read up on the topic so i properly understand the consequences)

maybe i should rephrase my original question a bit:
what authentication schemes does kinit support (is there anything
besides using a password), and if passwords are unavoidable, is it
possible to use something like OTP with kinit and IPA (the user somehow
gets the OTP, and can use that for kinit with an IPA controlled realm)?
(maybe it is possible that the password verification step from IPA is
handed over to AD somehow?).

In FreeIPA 4.0 we introduced support for 2FA and TOTP, it still requires
a password, the OTP is only the second factor.
ok, understood.

Another option is to sync users and passwords from AD to IPA, we do not
recommend this but it is possible.
i'd rather not

Finally there is a very hackish client configuration some people used
where authentication happens against AD but everything else is going
through IPA. I do not feel like recommending this.
any more info on this? (how hackish is it? and what is meant with "client configuration"?)

thanks for the input!



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