On 13.7.2014 03:31, Nordgren, Bryce L -FS wrote:
Hi guys,

I set up freeipa 4.0.0 on a brand new Fedora 20 box, from your copr repos. 
Install and config went fine. Kinit: fine. Trying to migrate from my old ldap 
setup: problem.  Old ldap setup primarily had accounts for web apps 
(inetOrgPerson) and a few accounts with everything needed for login 

"Ipa migrate-ds" for the existing posixAccounts: works fine.

Migrating the web only accounts requires a bit more manual labor, and isn't working yet. 
I extracted a csv of my "web-only" accounts and made a script to upgrade them 
with posix attributes and add them to freeipa. Each line looks like:

ipa user-add "bill.mathews" --last="Mathews" --first="William" --email="blah" 
--phone="xxx-yyy-zzzz" --setattr userpassword="{SHA}bunchajunka" --setattr o="University of Tweedle" --gidnumber=65534 

And I get:

ERROR: Constraint violation: invalid password syntax - passwords with storage 
scheme are not allowed

I was inspired to include the password this way from:  

I believe it should work if you do
$ ipa config-mod --enable-migration=true
as stated on the page above.

Rob, do you know what we are missing? :-)

Petr^2 Spacek

Is there any password preserving way to migrate my web-only accounts using "ipa 
user-add"? If there's no easy answer, I'll probably just add the attributes in the current 
ldap, then let "ipa migrate-ds" work its magic. But I want to see user-add work if its 

PS: I believe all instances of "service dirsrv restart" on 
http://www.freeipa.org/docs/master/html-desktop/index.html#finding-excluding-entries need to be changed to 
"systemctl restart dirsrv.target", since there is no "dirsrv.service".

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