> This is definitely TXT record of _kerberos.usfs-i2.umt.edu issue because
> when we fetch the realm value (as cn=USFS-I2.UMT.EDU), we compare the
> strings "USFS-I2.UMT.EDU" and "usfs-i2.umt.edu" (of TXT record
> _kerberos.usfs-i2.umt.edu) to be exact match, i.e. including case.
> After all, it is Kerberos realm name, which must be upper-cased.
> As a work-around, use --realm option to force the right casing of the realm.

Fresh reinstall. ipa-server-install --realm USFS-I2.UMT.EDU. No dice. Too late, 
it occurred to me that ipa-client-install, when run at the end of the server 
install, already has the realm command line option populated with the correct 
realm (went back and checked):

Configuration of client side components failed!
ipa-client-install returned: Command ''/usr/sbin/ipa-client-install' 
'--on-master' '--unattended' '--domain' 'usfs-i2.umt.edu' '--server' 
'ipa.usfs-i2.umt.edu' '--realm' 'USFS-I2.UMT.EDU' '--hostname' 
'ipa.usfs-i2.umt.edu'' returned non-zero exit status 1

So the question now is: why is DNS discovery pre-empting the specific 
parameters provided on the command line? According to the output below, it 
looks like it understands server and domain are forced, but it does a dns 
lookup on realm?

2014-07-16T21:20:51Z WARNING Using existing certificate '/etc/ipa/ca.crt'.
2014-07-16T21:20:51Z DEBUG [IPA Discovery]
2014-07-16T21:20:51Z DEBUG Starting IPA discovery with domain=usfs-i2.umt.edu, 
servers=['ipa.usfs-i2.umt.edu'], hostname=ipa.usfs-i2.umt.edu
2014-07-16T21:20:51Z DEBUG Server and domain forced
2014-07-16T21:20:51Z DEBUG [Kerberos realm search]
2014-07-16T21:20:51Z DEBUG Search DNS for TXT record of 
2014-07-16T21:20:51Z DEBUG DNS record found: "usfs-i2.umt.edu."
2014-07-16T21:20:51Z DEBUG Search DNS for SRV record of 
2014-07-16T21:20:51Z DEBUG DNS record found: 0 100 88 ipa.usfs-i2.umt.edu.
2014-07-16T21:20:51Z DEBUG [LDAP server check]
2014-07-16T21:20:51Z DEBUG Verifying that ipa.usfs-i2.umt.edu (realm 
usfs-i2.umt.edu.) is an IPA server
2014-07-16T21:20:51Z DEBUG Init LDAP connection to: ipa.usfs-i2.umt.edu
2014-07-16T21:20:51Z DEBUG Search LDAP server for IPA base DN
2014-07-16T21:20:51Z DEBUG Check if naming context 'dc=usfs-i2,dc=umt,dc=edu' 
is for IPA
2014-07-16T21:20:51Z DEBUG Naming context 'dc=usfs-i2,dc=umt,dc=edu' is a valid 
IPA context
2014-07-16T21:20:51Z DEBUG Search for (objectClass=krbRealmContainer) in 
dc=usfs-i2,dc=umt,dc=edu (sub)
2014-07-16T21:20:51Z DEBUG Found: 
2014-07-16T21:20:51Z WARNING Skip ipa.usfs-i2.umt.edu: cannot verify if this is 
an IPA server

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