DNS is fixed, 4.0.0 is installed, and my external users have been migrated from 
an LDAP store via the migrate-ds script.

The password migration page keeps telling me that the password or username I 
entered is incorrect. (username: test.user, password: test) I did not mistype 
this. I did set the minimum password length to 0, but not until after migrating 
my users.

IPA forced me to reset the password for test.user, then kinit (attempting to 
login via sssd failed), then change the password before sssd logins and ldap 
binds started working. This is not an appropriate migration path for those 
users who primarily interact with web apps, so I need that migration page to 

The LDAP interface is also important to me, as I want to use this for web app 
authentication. As is, my migrated accounts are doing this:

[root@fislstore ~]#  ldapsearch -h ipa.usfs-i2.umt.edu -x -D 
'uid=my_peeps,cn=users,cn=accounts,dc=usfs-i2,dc=umt,dc=edu' -W 
'(objectClass=posixAccount)' dn
Enter LDAP Password:
ldap_bind: Inappropriate authentication (48)

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