Hello Duncan,

thank you for the input. If you or somebody else have any Web UI ideas/RFEs, feel free to write them down. I would like to know what people don't like or would like to have.

On 18.7.2014 10:21, Innes, Duncan wrote:
Just poking around the new 4.0 demo page and very much liking what I
see.  This will make a big difference in use on large estates.

A couple PatternFly related questions though:

1. The tables don't sort by column if I click on a column header.  Is
this not available in PatternFly yet, or have FreeIPA decided against
implementing it?

First just a note about PatternFly. It's not really a widget library, it is(or should be) more of a set of patterns and styles. But the referential implementation is built on Bootstrap 3, so it is very easy to adopt. PatternFly doesn't have an official pattern for table sorting yet, but it has styles for DataTables (jQuery table plugin) which can do it.

I don't remember any decision against it -> could be implemented if there is enough will and user demand.

Sorting can be done on client side and on server side. Client side is limited to issue #2 - only 20 items, so it is not really helpful.

And server side (IPA API) doesn't support specifying a sort attribute atm.

You would like the server-side sorting, right?

2. Browsing the screen on a large monitor still leaves the user page (at
least) limited to around 22 rows.  This leaves the bottom third of my
browser empty.  The table uses the full width of the browser, can it not
use the full height too?

I have and idea/plan to make it configurable - to specify the number of items and also to allow disabling of paging.

The more rows the slower the UI is. Also paging has its own issues which are not straightforward to solve:
- http://www.redhat.com/archives/freeipa-devel/2012-August/msg00295.html

Still a huge improvement though - these are just niggles.


Petr Vobornik

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