On Tue, Jul 22, 2014 at 12:01:26PM -0700, Will Sheldon wrote:
> Hello everyone :)
> We have setup FC20 to authenticate against freeipa (3.5). All is working 
> great, except that Fedora GDE appears to show the contents of the GECOS field 
> as the user’s display name, and because we (mis)use GECOS to store geographic 
> info this means that users get the option to “log off Canada” (for example) 
> which is a little confusing.
> I’ve checked the docs but I’m unable to work out where this mapping is 
> stored. Has anyone had any success in modifying the source field for LDAP 
> user display name mapping in FC20 (for gnome)?
> Kind regards,
> Will Sheldon


I think GDM behaves correctly, the semantics of GECOS is usually "the
real name", so for me, GDM shows "Jakub Hrozek".

If you override GECOS to something non-existant, SSSD should fall back
to the value of 'cn' which is usually the username. Can you try setting:
    ldap_user_gecos = nosuchattr # yes, literally

and either cleaning the cache or using sss_cache -U ?

btw the gecos output should also show when you run 'getent passwd

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