HI guy, I've been struggling for a while tom make sssd  works with autofs .
I have a freeipa server that serves maps. When a client is enrolled and I
make in a terminal

root@host ~# ipa-client-automount -U

everything is ok

 but i've got :

root@host ~# automount -fd -vvv
Starting automounter version 5.0.5-88.el6, master map auto.master
using kernel protocol version 5.02
lookup_nss_read_master: reading master sss auto.master
parse_init: parse(sun): init gathered global options: (null)
master_do_mount: mounting /-
automount_path_to_fifo: fifo name /var/run/autofs.fifo--
lookup_nss_read_map: reading map sss auto.direct
parse_init: parse(sun): init gathered global options: (null)
lookup_read_map: lookup(sss): getautomntent_r: No such file or directory
lookup_nss_read_map: reading map files auto.direct
file map /etc/auto.direct not found
st_ready: st_ready(): state = 0 path /

Maybye I am missing something ....

Any help will be appreciate ..

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