On Mon, Jul 21, 2014 at 04:17:44PM +0200, Jan Pazdziora wrote:
> if you need a way to quickly run FreeIPA server on your machine while
> keeping the machine open to installation and configuration of other
> software which would otherwise clash with the FreeIPA server, you can
> try FreeIPA in a Docker container. We currently see it as a proof of
> concept, for testing or demo purposes.
> The Dockerfiles with other content are available at
>       https://github.com/adelton/docker-freeipa
> with branches for Fedora 20, rawhide, and RHEL 7. Automated built
> images are available in Docker index:
>       https://hub.docker.com/u/adelton/
> with Fedora 20 and rawhide content. Also available are client
> repositories and images, to quickly start another container and let it
> IPA-enroll to the server in a container.
> At this point, the containers need to be run as --privileged.

If you do not like the idea of running privileged containers, good
news for you: the latest code at

as well as the new images at https://hub.docker.com/u/adelton/
allow the FreeIPA server containers to be run unprivileged.

Also newly available is branch rhel-6 with Identity Management server
configured on RHEL 6.

Jan Pazdziora
Principal Software Engineer, Identity Management Engineering, Red Hat

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