Chris Whittle wrote:
> Is it possible, I've looked around and most everyone says the
> dependancies are too much outside of what it has.

Not without building a whole ton of your own packages. And we're not
talking simple, little packages. These would be significant upgrades for
which you'd have to manage your own security and bug fixing, forever.

On top of that, it is doubtful it has been tested in a sysV init
environment. It may work as the previous support is still there, but
it's a grey area for sure.

> I'm about to implement FreeIPA across the CO and would rather do the big
> upgrade first and not after. 

One of our larger users was in a similar situation a few years ago and
ended up running Fedora until RHEL caught up and then migrating the servers.

Another option is to use IPA 3.3 in RHEL/CentOS 7, depending on what
features you need.


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