Yeah, that was the first one I tried. A bit more than I need, and it didn't
work for me. Setting the make.conf flag did not do for me what this guide
suggests it should (even some of the ports are no longer available under
those names). Thanks, though.  :DS

*Daniel Shown,*
Linux Systems Administrator
Advanced Technology Group
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On Thu, Jul 24, 2014 at 2:46 PM, Lukas Slebodnik <>

> On (23/07/14 16:37), Daniel Shown wrote:
> >So, I'm trying to get a FreeBSD (because ZFS is more stable there than in
> >Linux) file server configured to have access user accounts in FreeIPA for
> >proper ownership/permissions. It seems like it should be pretty
> >straightforward. I don't even need to update pam.d configs, just
> >nsswitch.conf. I've gone through a couple of guides, and i still get
> >nothing when I do an id or getent for users in FreeIPA, it sees nothing. I
> >can do an ldapsearch against the FreeIPA ldap, I can get a Kerberos ticket
> >from my IPA server, and I can even run id/getent on Linux hosts. What
> could
> >I be missing that could be throwing a wrench in this?
> >
> LS
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