So the archive version of freeipa-client on Ubuntu 12.04 has been in a
limbo state until now, because the package got reworked too much for
newer releases that trying to push updates would have taken a lot of
paperwork and other effort..

But 14.10/utopic finally has a smoothly installing client based on
3.3.4, and I've also pushed the updates fixing ntp/chronyd issues to
14.04 (not accepted to trusty-proposed yet) and backported this version
to 12.04 too.

You can install it for 12.04 from the freeipa ppa:
apt-add-repository ppa:freeipa

and for this you also need the sssd ppa:
apt-add-repository ppa:sssd/updates

I've verified that install/uninstall works fine, certmonger stop/start
fails on uninstall but it should be harmless.

Only thing missing from it that I know of is that --mkhomedir does not
work because of

Also, beware that the version of nss on the ppa gets obsolete when a new
security release is published, which means that new installs should
create nssdb's by hand, or forcefully install the ppa version once and
then upgrade.. the db's shouldn't vanish on upgrade.

ps. server is still WIP, currently blocked on getting Dogtag deps
accepted in the Debian archive, but the goal is still to have everything
in by November before 'jessie' freezes.. we'll see


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