Hello, I'm a bit of a pickle with the PKI system.  I have three
replicas, but only one contains the CA.  I realize how poor a decision
it was to do that.  I plan to create more complete replicas, but right
now I can't even create a replica file, much less a full replica.

The problem started when the CA subsystem certificates expired.  I read
several threads explaining how to roll back time and renew them, but I
then discovered that the host and HTTP certificates for the server were
missing.  I checked for backups, but we erroneously did not cover those
files.  Because they are missing I was unable to rewnew any certificates.

Is there a way to manually create host and service certificates?  When I
search for this, the "manual" procedure listed in the documentation
requires `ipa cert-request` which does not work.  I did try installing a
self-signed cert for HTTP with `ipa-server-certinstall`.  That changed
the errors, but the commands still fail.  The pki-ca services is running
OK, as far as I can tell.

I also tried adding a CA instance to one of the other replicas with
`ipa-ca-install`, but it failed during the configuration phase.

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