On 08/10/2014 01:58 PM, James James wrote:
> Hello,
> Is there a way to patch my ipa .3.0.0 with this patch:
> https://www.mail-archive.com/freeipa-devel@redhat.com/msg20528.html ?
> The DateTime data type will be very useful !
> Regards

It would be quite difficult, if not only because of the API versioning problem
we have with parallel branches of FreeIPA, like RHEL-6.x/CentOS-6.x is (judging
based on your version).

There is an upstream ticket filed:

But I do not think it would help in your case. Especially as this is just a
convenience fix, the best advise I can give is either to
a) Hack this around in your IPA codebase, making sure that the capability API
version is correct
b) Live with old string variant
c) Upgrade to newer IPA, like 3.3 in RHEL-7.0 or 4.0 in Fedora 20! :-)


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