I'm trying to change a user password without reset.
If I use the (primary) admin to change the password then it doesn't need a
password reset, because the expire lifetime is 90 days.

But if I create a second admin, then every password change made by the
second admin needs a password reset, because the password is expired

1a) Does anyone knows how I can change the policy/privilege of the second
admin so every password change doesn't require a reset? 1b) and is it
possible to set a different expire lifetime like zero for unlimited

It's almost the same bugreport as
https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/2795 but the difference is there
should be 2 policies: one for changing your own password and another for
resetting other users password.

2) Are there more differences in policies between the first (primary) admin
and the second admin you just created?

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