I am trying to use bind-dyndb-ldap to connect my BIND to an LDAP server for 
zones. I have a tiny question regarding this and both the project website and 
the kind people on #freeipa IRC directed me to this list. I hope someone is 
here who can answer my question. Sorry for intruding if I'm not asking in the 
correct place.

For technical reasons we need to be able to filter zones in LDAP according to 
some flags, e.g. 'enabled'.
Other services usually provide a config option to include LDAP search filters 
in every query, like

ldap_search_filter = (enabled=1)

Unfortunately, I can't find anything like this in the README file of 
bind-dyndb-ldap. Does anybody know of a way to pass a search filter to LDAP?

Thanks in advance,


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