On 09/05/2014 02:54 AM, Andrew Krause wrote:
I realize this question has been brought forth previously, but I am unable to find a clear answer. I have a 389-ds environment that is serving as an authentication back end for a python application. The plan was to use this as a kind of SSO for other future applications and we have MANY users/groups/OUs and different policies involved already. Since it's not really feasible to re-create everything, and it will not integrate directly with FreeIPA I would like to be able to import my subtree to the 389-ds instance within my new FreeIPA install and manage that subtree separately from all my hosts and POSIX users.

The short question, how can I manage to get the admin console working with the 389-ds that is included in FreeIPA?
Hi Andrew,
I assume you are running FreeIPA server on Fedora19/20 or above. If that assumption is correct, then you can do "yum install 389-ds 389-admin-console idm-console-framework". All versions of fedora has these packages by default.

-Sankar R

I'd really like to use FreeIPA for all my host based authentication, but it becomes a non-option if we have to run multiple directory clusters.

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