On 09/05/2014 03:32 AM, Sankar Ramlingam wrote:
On 09/05/2014 02:54 AM, Andrew Krause wrote:
I realize this question has been brought forth previously, but I am unable to find a clear answer. I have a 389-ds environment that is serving as an authentication back end for a python application. The plan was to use this as a kind of SSO for other future applications and we have MANY users/groups/OUs and different policies involved already. Since it's not really feasible to re-create everything, and it will not integrate directly with FreeIPA I would like to be able to import my subtree to the 389-ds instance within my new FreeIPA install and manage that subtree separately from all my hosts and POSIX users.

The short question, how can I manage to get the admin console working with the 389-ds that is included in FreeIPA?
Hi Andrew,
I assume you are running FreeIPA server on Fedora19/20 or above. If that assumption is correct, then you can do "yum install 389-ds 389-admin-console idm-console-framework". All versions of fedora has these packages by default.

Actually, just "yum install 389-console" installs the console.

However, that is not sufficient. You will need a "configuration directory server", which has been configured with the o=NetscapeRoot tree, among other things. You will need to install the 389-admin package on the machines that have 389-ds-base installed. You will need to run the register-ds-admin.pl script to create your configuration ds and to register directory servers with the config ds. And, since we do not test this at all, there is no guarantee that it will not break your IPA deployment, so be sure to backup/snapshot/etc. before going down this road.

-Sankar R

I'd really like to use FreeIPA for all my host based authentication, but it becomes a non-option if we have to run multiple directory clusters.

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