On 09/09/14 09:35, Tevfik Ceydeliler wrote:

I try to create replica to my IPA Server env.
When I try to use :

ipa-replica-prepare rep.ipa.grp --ip-address

 At the end I have an error:
[root@srv ~]# ipa-replica-prepare rep.ipa.grp --ip-address
Directory Manager (existing master) password:

Preparing replica for rep.ipa.grp from srv.ipa.grp
Creating SSL certificate for the Directory Server
Creating SSL certificate for the dogtag Directory Server
Creating SSL certificate for the Web Server
Exporting RA certificate
Copying additional files
Finalizing configuration
Packaging replica information into /var/lib/ipa/replica-info-rep.ipa.grp.gpg
Adding DNS records for rep.ipa.grp

Could not create forward DNS zone for the replica: Nameserver 'srv.ipa.grp.' does not have a corresponding A/AAAA record


Have you any idea about that? Or , is it an error? is  rep.ipa.grp (replica)
101.1.173 is srv.ipa.grp (IPA server)
can you resolve the srv.ipa.grp. address?

$ dig A srv.ipa.grp.

Martin Basti

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