Hi all:

I'm using FreeIPA 3.0 under CentOS 6.5 and I'm trying to solve a bit of a quirky
problem. From what I've read thus far, sudo under SSSD can't provide sudo  rules
for local users that are not part of the directory. To get around this, I've 
using the sudo-ldap.conf file to provide sudo with direct access to the 
This, however, can't make use of service discovery, so if the first server in 
ldap_uri list is taken down, sudo delays for the length of the timeout set. My
idea for getting around this has been to use sudo in SSSD for users that are in
the directory and let sudo-ldap take care of local users with a line in 
like this:

sudoers: files sss ldap

My problem now seems to be that the ldap query is still run even if a 
successful hit
is made to sssd. Changing the line in nsswitch.conf to:

sudoers: files sss [success=return] ldap

doesn't seem to actually work.

Does anyone have pointers on how I can resolve this particular problem?


Trevor T. Kates

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