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hi All,

Is there an offficial API documentation available?

Unfortunately not much. You can search archives and find some
that helped people in the past.

We also have a ticket

We also have a ticket
targeted on FreeIPA 4.1 to see the actual JSON queries that "ipa"
command sends. It would make it easier to see how we use the API.

Actually what is the recommended way to use ipa as a simple ldap backend
for a service without kerberos?
In fact the service does not need kerberos and things like that, but I
like the helper tools of ipa, like ipa command, web UI, easy replication

IPA is an integrated solution. Kerberos is built in and the other parts assume
it's there. There's no recommended way without Kerberos.

Just for the case: If you want to use FreeIPA with a service which is able to use pure LDAP BIND as authentication method then sure - it will work.

FreeIPA is still standard compliant LDAP server.

Can I make trouble by writing the directory directly though ldap
(add/delete/modify users + groups).

Yes, this will cause trouble.
The IPA commands do additional processing, e.g. creating user private groups.

Petr^2 Spacek

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