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we are going to have a use case of diskless HPC clients that will use the IPA for lookups, I was wondering if i can get rid of the state-fulness of the client configuration as much as possible as it is more of a cattle than pets use case. that is i do not need to know that the client is part of the domain, no need to enroll a node with a certificate. and services will be mostly hpc mpi and ssh, not required to have an SSL certificate for secure communication. is it possible to get rid of the client certificate and the requirements for clients to enroll? or there are other uses for the certificate that i am not aware of ?



I think the main problem is making sure that the client can connect to IPA server. You can elect to not use ipa-client and just copy configuration files. The problem is that SSSD requires some type of the authentication to get to IPA as a host to do the lookups. So this connection must be authenticated. Since you want it to be stateless you do not want to manage keys or certs the only option (which I really do not like) is to use bind password in a file for LDAP connection. You would probably use the same unprivileged account for this bind. However when we get to 4.x you would need to adjust permissions on the server side to make sure that proper read permissions are granted. Having a password in a file is a security risk so make sure it is not leaked.

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