Querying for group membership in the compat tree within a trust
environment seems to be rather flaky:

      * userA and userB are members of admins@ad. admins@ad is member of
      * internet_access@ad is member of internet_access_external@ad
      * internet_access_external@ad is member of internet_access@ad
      * I restart ipa and clear sssd cache on the master to start with a
        clean compat tree
      * searching for (&(objectClass=posixGroup)(memberUid=userA@ad))
        returns that he is a member of internet_access@ipa (expected
      * searching for (&(objectClass=posixGroup)(memberUid=userB@ad))
        doesn't return him as a member of internet_access@ipa

If I restart ipa and clean sssd cache on the master and query first for
userB he gets the correct memberships, queries for subsequent users
(userA, userC) won't show if they are members of ipa groups.

IPA version is 3.3.3-28.el7 on Centos 7, AD is Server 2008.

Should I file a bug?

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