i want to bind applications to the ldap, via ldap connector, so this should be 

I have made the ldif, but i have no idea how to apply it, because simple 
ldapmodify gives and error. 

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On Thu, 25 Sep 2014, Sandor Juhasz wrote: 
>i need a bit of help on how to create virtual dit structure on an existing 
>I need it to create separate structure to authenticate users for services 
>don't support ldap search filters. 
>I did not find anything in the manual or any howto to start with. 
Look into slapi-nis documentation. You can use examples of compat tree 
as configured by IPA already. 

Note though that slapi-nis has support for authentication in RHEL 7 and 
Fedora 20 only. Earlier versions don't have proper support for LDAP BIND 
over compat tree. 

/ Alexander Bokovoy 

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