Good day to everybody.
There`s a post on how to make a FreeBSD client work with a FreeIPA server:  
For some reason the instructions in that post don`t lead to a working solution.
Getent passwd/group return no data from the IPA server, although ldapsearch 
works fine.
I followed the instructions exactly (+ configured ldap.conf & started sssd) and 
didn`t get errors anywhere, all steps completed successfully.
My setup: 2 VMs, one is the FreeIPA server (on Fedora 20), the other is a 
FreeBSD client (on FreeBSD 10.0).
IPA server is configured as written in the IPA Quick Start Quide, it has no 
integrated DNS server.
Both VMs have identical /etc/hosts file:

::1                    localhost         localhost ipa1 bsd1

Seems like some instructions in etc/nsswitch.conf file, like "group: files sss" 
and "passwd: files sss" have no effect.
Does anybody tried this setup, what could be wrong with it?
I can provide outputs of any commands if necessary.
If I shouldn`t have asked this question here, please advise me where to ask.
Any hint on what to do will be highly appreciated!
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