On (21/10/14 23:20), Орхан Касумов wrote:
>1. Yes, being able to find simple typos is what distinguishes a good 
>troubleshooter from a bad one. The problem really was between the chair and 
>the keyboard.
>2. Not only you were right in this aspect, but also regarding the idea that 
>comments in sssd.conf file shouldn't be on the same line as directives. 
>Putting a comment on a separate line allows sssd to start normally instead of 
>giving error messages.
>3. I already updated my post at FreeBSD forums and included your comments 
>there. Thanks for taking time to find the cause of the problems.
>4. I consider this thread closed, but still plan to write a detailed HowTo 
>about FreeBSD - FreeIPA integration, i.e. about full setup of 5 VMs:
>a) a DNS server;
You do not need extra server for dns. FreeIPA is integrated solutiona and
DNS server can be installed as part of FreeIPA.
ipa-server-install --setup-dns

>b) the first IPA server;
>c) the second IPA server for multi-master replication;
>d) a Linux IPA client (for changing LDAP users' passwords in behalf of 
user can change password in ipa web UI (tested with FreeIPA 4)
but it is good idea to have linux client for testing purposes.

>b) a FreeBSD client - detailed steps, including many things that current post 
>at FreeBSD forums misses.
>I will then send my HowTo to both FreeBSD forums and FreeIPA team, and it's up 
>to them to decide if the HowTo is worth publishing or not.
>If the HowTo is OK, I'll translate it to another two languages: Russian and 


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