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On 10/27/2014 01:41 PM, Craig White wrote:

Maybe fixed – seems to be replicating now…


Why don’t they incorporate that into the released RHEL version?

I think we did. Into 7.0.

What was the fix? In 389-ds-base we increased the default sasl buffer size from 2k to 64k. Did IPA in 7.0 increase the default sasl buffer size to 256k?

What did you do to fix the problem? Did you increase the sasl buffer size to be > 64k?

If you feel this should be fixed in RHEL 6.x, please file a bug against RHEL 6.x and/or open a support ticket. But if the problem is that the default sasl buffer size setting is too low, then the real problem is - what should the default size be? Maybe 256k won't be enough for all users? Should we make the default 500k? 1Mb?


Great – but 7.0 isn’t certified at Rackspace so I had no choice but to use 6.x and I would suspect that people are going to still be using 6.x for new installs for a while.

But thanks – and keep up the great work.


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