On 24/10/14 05:17, Michael Lasevich wrote:
While upgrading from 4.0.1. to 4.1 on fedora 20 got following on one of the two boxes:

Upgrade failed with attribute "allowWeakCipher" not allowed
IPA upgrade failed.
Unexpected error
DuplicateEntry: This entry already exists

Named errors are caused by cascade effect, if ldap schema and entry updates failed, there is misconfigured DS plugin which is responsible to keep DNSSEC keys DN unique, what causes duplication errors. DuplicateEntry exception is fatal, so dnskeysyncd installation will not continue, what causes there are not appropriate permissions for token database, and named-pkcs11 can't read tokens.

It seems the ipa no longer starts up after this. The replica server seems to have had same error,but it runs just fine.

From digging around, it appears that there are a number of GSS errors in dirsrv and bind fails with something like:

named-pkcs11[2212]: ObjectStore.cpp(74): Failed to open token e919db16-6329-406c-6ae4-120ad68508c4
named-pkcs11[2212]: sha1.c:92: fatal error:
named-pkcs11[2212]: RUNTIME_CHECK(pk11_get_session(ctx, OP_DIGEST, isc_boolean_true, isc_boolean_false, isc_boolean_false, ((void *)0), 0) == 0) failed

Any help would be appreciated


Martin Basti

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