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> I have still not been able to logon to Win7 PC with my IPA user.
> Currently I get "No mapping between account names and security IDs was
> done" when I try to login.

> What I've done is this:
>      1. Created a dns entry for winpc + a host entry in web-ui, 
>      2. On the IPA server I ran "ipa-getkeytab -s <ipa.fqdn> -p
> host/<ipa.fqdn> -e arcfour-hmac -k krb5.keytab.<winpc> -P

> What I'm I suppose to do with the krb5.keytab.<winpc> file? Can't see
> any mention of this?

> On the Win PC I did:
>      1. ksetup /setdomain [REALM NAME]
>      2. ksetup /addkdc [REALM NAME] [ipa.fqdn]
>      3. ksetup /addkpasswd [REALM NAME] [ipa.fqdn]
>      4. ksetup /setcomputerpassword [MACHINE_PASSWORD]
>      5. ksetup /mapuser * *

The keytab is not needed, you just have to generate it to set a password
for the computer.

You are supposed to use the same password in ipa-getkeytab and in the
"ksetup /setcomputerpassword" commands

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