First post - please be kind to me:-)

I got stuck on the same issue, it was the lack of a Jackson-jaxrs-JSON-Provider package.

Once I finally got a coherent download for source files for Jackson-jaxrs-JSON-Provider-2.4.3, I have compiled and built a RPM package (using Maven, on Netbeans) which allowed the installation of FreeIPA 4.1.0 onto a Centos 7 machine (7.0.1406) without any problems.

It is free to use for anybody, with the usual caveats of absolutely NO GUARANTEES, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, etc, etc.

Contact me at garth{dot}rees{at}verncon{dot}com if you want a copy of it, or is there some way or place on this list it can be loaded into?
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