i migrated user data with the ipa migrate-ds script without problems.
The users in the old OpenLDAP doesnt have a userPasswort and only the
kerberos principal from local KRB DB was used for authentification.
After migration FreeIPA doesnt have a userPassword and there is no
Kerberos hash.

Know i tried out the /ipa/migration webpage and want to set a
userPassword/Kerberos hash for a user in FreeIPA. The result was the
error message i entered the wrong password or/and username.

Now my question is what is the requirement for the migration webpage to
work ? The documentation says that migration webpage takes a cleartext
password and generates the kerberos hash. Does the migration page need a
userPassword entry ?

I tried out to reset the pssword of a user in the WebUI and the
migration webpage works with this password from the manual passwort reset ?!


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