I have tons of questions on why free ipa wont't work on my network , I've been 
using fedora 20 as the os for the server and client free ipa .

I deployed freeipa 4.0.3 at the server side and freeipa 4.1.0 for the client 
side using 2 VM's at first it was okay, got it connected and used ldap to pass 
sudo for the client side, but when I finally deployed it in our real network 
consisting of an esxi server and one work station having the same versions of 
free ipa for server and client, the error that I'm getting is that " the user 
does not exist " when I invoked the " su - ( user ) " command, so My question 
is how can I solve this problem?? I've been at it for 3 weeks now ..

another question is I've tried using 4.1.0 for the server side but I can't 
configure the dns forwarders for it it always says that the forwarder does not 
respond, How can I solve this too? is there a new way to add a dns forwarder 
for IPA ?? 

please help me with these freeipa problems because I really want to deploy them 
already and get it over with -_- 
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