Hi Lukas,
 Already opened case within Red Hat. They told on case there is "private"
bugzilla for this "known" problem, the case got closed.

 Im on vacation and RH Customer Portal seems off right now, cant find if
got the case got updated or there is errata for this issue.

2014-11-08 14:44 GMT-02:00 Lukas Slebodnik <lsleb...@redhat.com>:

> On (08/11/14 12:24), Diaulas Castro wrote:
> >We have similar issue but on RHEL 6.6 (sssd 1.11), the problem is about
> >enumerating groups.
> >
> Diaulas,
> Have you reported your problem?
> I know just about one problem with IPA and sssd-1.11 (on RHEL 6.6)
> The upstream bug is https://fedorahosted.org/sssd/ticket/2471
> There is a workaround. You can change value of option
> ldap_group_object_class
> in domain section to ipaUserGroup
> ldap_group_object_class = ipaUserGroup
> Could you confirm that you had the same problem?
> Otherwise please report bug either to upstream trac or Red Had Bugzilla.
> >Use the command "id some_group_that_user_belong" on affected client,
> logout
> >and try logon again.
> >
> >Our issue was with sudo not working, but everything based on groups
> stopped
> >to work too.
> >
> >For workaround (if this is your problem too)  edit sssd.con on domain
> >section:
> >enumarating = true
> It would be better to fix it in sssd.
> LS
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